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The only one

  My Tim Gunn Collection Barbie is the only one I keep locked up in her box. I took her out for this photo shoot, but she went right back where she came from afterwards. I would never separate her from Tim Gunn. What would she do without him? 😉 Project Runway is one of my all-time favorite contest TV-series. I didn't watch all the seasons, because I couldn't (no cable/digital TV). I now sporadically can watch re-runs on a Flemish internet TV channel. I loved seeing the contestants create all sorts of clothes, it was very inspiring. Tim Gunn was an excellent mentor who's opinion was very valuable most of the time.  The 2012 Mattel series of which my Barbie is one, consists of two dressed dolls and two outfits. Of Heidi Klum, the host of Project Runway, Mattel produced a doll in a gorgeous mini dress. Last year Netflix aired the first season of another awesome fashion designer show: Next in Fashion. The contestants are very talented, and it's worth to watch it even for t

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